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Kochi (earlier known as Cochin) is a commercial center and a harbour town in Ernakulam District of Kerala. The name Kochi derived from the Malayalam word "koch azhi" means a small lagoon. It also has Chinese hints. It also has its roots in the Sanskrit word "Go Shree" that literally means thriving with the auspicious animal. Niccolo dei Conti and Fra Paoline’s travelogues associate the name Kochi with the river Kochchi.

Being a harbour town, Arabs, Chinese, Dutches, British and Portuguese seafarers followed the sea route to Kochi and left their impressions on the town. Once it is a small fishing village. Now it is a major port of Kerala, and plays an important part in the development of country’s economy. Kochi is also known as the Queen of Arabian Sea.

Capital: Thiruvananthapuram
Area: 38,863 sq km.
Population: 1.35 million (2001)
Location: 9° 58"N, 76° 17"E
Time Zone: Indian Standard Time (IST) - UTC +5:30
Altitude: Sea level
Rainfall: 350cm annually
Temperature: 20°C-35°C (68°F-95°F)
Seasons: Monsoon season: June - September (heavy rains)
Mild winter: October - February (cool, dry with occassional rain)
Summer: March - May (hot and humid)
Languages: Malayalam. English is widely understood. Hindi and Tamil are used occasionally.
Religions: Being a city in a secular country, almost all major religions are represented including Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Jewism, Jainism and Buddhism.
Main Occupation: Trading, fishing, heavy industry and information technology
Airport code: IATA: COK, ICAO: VOCC
Telephone: +91 484